Eternal Twin Flame Love

ShannaPraI must confess that I had never been drawn to or explored the topic of SoulMates or Twin Flames the way some people have. My experience, when it arrived, was completely unexpected and spontaneous, and initially, it was confusing. My Twin Flame’s first “flying” appearance in one of my meditations showed an ordinary looking older man — no one I could recognize or indeed be romantically drawn toward.

What I recognized as the experience went on was that most of us are looking for this relationship of the Twin on the “outside” and therefore, defining it in terms of the life around us (the illusion). However, it is completely an inner experience at first, even if eventually it manifests or mirrors in someone already in the physical. I know that the things I felt could never have been received in the physical, simply because of the distractions of ego and collective consciousness.

One of the earliest encounters with Pra, my Twin, showed me in a wedding dress, Pra elegantly dressed, walking down an aisle. This was very shocking to my ego, but clearly indicated who this was and that our ETERNAL relationship was a marriage of forever, from the Moment of Creation on through eternity.

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